Services for owners: let's work together!

At Aspasios, our mission is twofold: to obtain maximum performance for our owner clients’ properties, while offering a competitive and quality service to our tenant clients. We can help you if:

You are an owner of a building

Tourist accommodation in apartments tends to focus on buildings, whether they are whole buildings or not. Concentrating units in the same property helps improve customer service, expands marketing channels to ones traditionally focussed on hotels and obtains economies of scale when buying products and services.

Aspasios currently operates 5 tourist apartment buildings with very good results. If you own an entire building or 6 or more apartments in the same location, we can manage your property and rent it out to tourists for you. There are several points to consider when doing this: whether or not we operate it for you exclusively, if we pay you a fixed commission or a variable one, if we invest in the business with you etc. But we’re sure we can reach always an agreement.

You own a furnished flat and want to rent it out

We cover varying accommodation needs, ranging from 1 night to 1 year (or more). If you are looking for a way of getting a good return on your property without losing flexibility, we can help you. We specialize in renting out furnished apartments for both long and short stays.

If your apartment is very close to one of our buildings, we can run it as part of the building itself and offer the same services there. Alternatively, we can offer to our many customers (companies, executives and solvent individuals) who are looking for accommodation for a number of months. This way, you ensure a fixed return over a long period, somewhat higher than for a traditional unfurnished rental.

You own an apartment and want to sell it

We often receive requests from investors who want to buy a flat in one of the cities where we operate. If you have a property and want to sell please contact us.

We will make an assessment with no obligation on your part, and will put our sales efforts at your disposal. Your apartment will become part of the property portfolio we offer our customers and partners. Many of our clients initially opt to rent somewhere so that they can get to know the city, and later look for a home to buy.

Our specialists cover the following services:

  • Legal and tax advice regarding property.
  • Advice on buying properties.
  • Processing certificates of occupancy and energy certifications.
  • Processing business licenses and tourist rental licenses.
  • Rehabilitation projects, project management of building work and interior design.
  • Property division projects.
  • Insurance.
  • Constant analysis of market prices.
  • Promotional items: photo shoots and rendering.
  • Distribution: integration with various marketing channels.
  • Reception and customer service. 24/7 emergency phone service.
  • Periodic and end of stay cleaning.
  • Incident management and regular maintenance of all homes managed.
  • Management of utilities consumed: calculation of the amounts owed by the tenant.